Know Thy Enemy!

You've already seen Baby, the protagonist. But now you can meet the villains as well. It was a ton of fun drawing baby stuff, even though I'm constantly surrounded by it these days. It's a good break from the grittier tone of Assassin at Crimson Keep, and it's helping me keep up on drawing outside of my comfort zone.

Honestly, one of the hardest parts of being a parent is not being able to fully communicate with my daughter. Everything is new to her, and that's my muse for creating this world, where she sees things that will help her as something to fear because her little mind can't handle it all.

Anyway, enjoy!

=================== Baby - the Hero!===================

Baby is fast and cunning, knowing when to fake being asleep to catch Mommy and Daddy unaware! Baby has Ultra Hearing and can Startle! awake at the slightest noise!

=================== The Enemies!===================


The most obvious and dastardly trap a parent can use is a Bottle! Everyone knows Baby needs sustenance, but it also puts Baby to sleep!


Almost nothing else feels as calming as a clean, dry Diaper. Were Baby unwise, Baby could easily fall for this devious trick!


Wet and warm and full of Love, Kisses will make Baby forget that Mommy and Daddy's plan is to get Baby asleep!


Coming from out of nowhere, Swaddle will take Baby unaware, nestling Baby in comfort and warmth. Baby must be quick to dodge this cotton monstrosity!

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