I woke up this morning, a dad of an eight day old baby, half out of my mind from sleep deprivation, and a bit at a loss of what my next game would be after finishing Assassin at Crimson Keep. It's not that I don't have ideas, just nothing that I could work on right away.

Then, while enjoying a few blissful minutes alone on the toilet, with my daughter fast asleep in the bedroom, I had a gamedev epiphany! I could make a game about a baby not wanting to sleep! I'm literally living it, so I have first hand knowledge, plus I'm tired enough that the likelihood this is a bad idea doesn't really phase me much. I just think it's funny!

So, here's what I'm going to do. Unlike AaCK, I'm going to attempt to devlog from the beginning, and by the end of the next week, I hope to have a game ready for you all, as well as semi-daily updates about what I'm doing. This game isn't going to be much, just a simple avoider game, with cutesy hand-drawn graphics, more than likely all in black and white.

I hope you enjoy this little trip into my very tired mind over the next week.

And look forward to playing Startle!

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