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Guildmaster is a dating sim visual novel where you take on the role of a *surprise!* Guildmaster. You'll send out cute girls on Quests, while building (or tearing down) relationships with them and between them.

This is a prototype. If it resonates with people, I'm very excited to continue this tale. Otherwise, I got some more good experience.

The Girls

Scarlett the Rogue

Scarlett the Rogue

Scarlett is a fun-loving rogue, never one to back down from a crazy mission, though it doesn't always go great for her.

DEV NOTE: Scarlett is the most completed visually (though far from finished), and is a better representation of what the other girls would look like.

Jade the Mage

Jade the Mage

Jade is a powerful mage who doesn't quite seem to understand the concept of social cues.

DEV NOTE: Jade's design is basically done, but she has no expressions at the moment.

Amber the Paladin

Amber the Paladin

Amber is the quintessential paladin, respecting the letter of the law more than the spirit behind said law.

DEV NOTE: Amber is a sketch and nothing more, though she's probably going to look very similar.


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beautiful art (already in love with ScarletXD). Definetely gonna play!


Thanks! I definitely put more work into her visuals and personality in this version, than the others. :)